Postcards from Eyemouth

A video commission for Leeds college of music

We were contacted by Leeds based musician Jacob Thompson-Bell about a new and exciting project he was working on with Nick Katuszonek. Based in the harbour town of Eyemouth, the project aimed to collect sounds, photographs, stories and objects which were special to residents and connected to the town.

Once these had been collected they were taken to Leeds College of Music, where a talented group of young musicians interpreted them through music. The resulting score was then debuted to an audience at the Eyemouth Hippodrome.

It was this event which the film is based around. The finished video gave the audience an insight into the preperation and development of the scores as well as a look at the finished performance. It also gave them an opportunity to hear first hand from the students about what they had got out of being involved with the project. The final film was just over 13 minutes long, and has created part of the lasting legacy to the project.

If you'd like to commision a film like this, please call me on 07554 312 061

The Postcards from Eyemouth Film is an example of the type of film which can be commissioned from Shadowcat Films. When we have been told the brief for a film, your target audience and what you hope the film will achieve we will work with you decide the best way to present it to an audience.

In the case of this film it was essential that the performance itself was captured to a high standard, but also that there were good interviews throughout the film to give a flavour of the work behind the project, and its development. The film gives the audience an invaluable insight into the themes of the project, and also those who missed the performance a chance to see some of the final results. By having a film made a lasting legacy has been created, which can be used to promote future work.

In the case of some films we create for projects, they provide an essential part of the grant auditing process. They can also help with expanding on projects, and securing ongoing / further funding as they show what has been achieved and what may be achieved in the future.

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