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We make independent documentaries, and love finding and telling great stories with integrity and creativity. Our documentaries feature real people telling their own stories in their own words. Through these films we have worked with a diverse range of contributors and we currently have several documentary films in the early stages of pre-production. We are committed to working with the best crews, bringing together a network of talent which enables our films are not only told with great passion but also with style. We believe that the basis of every good film is a great story and we are committed to finding and sharing these stories with a wide audience. 

Shadowcat Films also produces videos for an ever-growing number of business clients and we are experts in developing and filming videos which inform and engage audiences. Our videos ensure organisations communicate with audiences and make their vision a reality. 

We believe it is our expertise in storytelling and communication as well as our audience awareness which makes our videos successful. When you commission Shadowcat Films we handle the whole process of your production, from initial concept through to distribution advice, ensuring that you get the best out of your investment. This can be with a social media strategy or sales.

On request we can offer a fast turnaround for videos, ideal for tight deadlines. We also offer a ‘reporting’ service, where we cover your event or story, and deliver a complete news style video or raw footage. Our previous experience in news reporting has resulted in stories being featured on BFBS, as well as in National Newspapers and magazines.

If you have footage and require an edit, we provide freelance editing services at £35/hour.

Whatever your deadline, your project or your budget, we are always happy to meet up for a coffee and a chat!

Our Crews

We have spent the last few years building up a fantastic network of talented professionals who play a key part in making our films. We work with Cinematographers, musicians, actors, drone pilots and designers from across the UK to ensure all of our projects are delivered to the highest standard and with top quality equipment. If you are interested in joining our network of professionals then please get in touch, we’d love to hear from you as we are always looking to expand our network of like minded proffesionals. 

Our Photography

We believe in the value of high quality photography to support all our films and always secure great pictures throughout the filming process. This gives our clients an image database to support the release of their film, whether it be online or in print. We also undertake photography only projects, so if you are looking for an event to be covered, portraits to be taken, product photography or anything else, then don’t hesitate to contact us. 

Our Social Media

Social media forms an important part of what we do. It’s a brilliant way of getting your message out there and we have a fantastic track record of reaching audiences this way. We prioritise social media for our own documentaries and love sharing the information about what works and doesn’t with clients. If you want to talk social media, give us a call, we’d love to help! 

Our Services

If you aren't looking for a full production, we can help with a range of other services, including aerial filming and video editing. We also offer a 'news style' option, where we can cover your event in actuality, and create you an edit quickly on a tight deadline. Don't hesitate to get in touch. 

Night Of Years

Night of Years is a short documentary exploring the life and work of early feminist Josephine Butler. When I decided to make this film the immediate challenge was how to bring her work to life more than 100 years after her death, particularly on a micro budget.

The film uses a combination of key interviews and archive material to tell her story and was screened at a special event to mark International Women’s Day 2018. Josephine worked tirelessly during her lifetime for equality between women and men.

She exposed the exploitative treatment of prostitutes during a period in history when they were subjected to barbaric internal examinations fortnightly. These examinations were intended to prevent the spread of the prevalent disease syphilis in garrison towns. At no point were men examined, the onus was only on the women to prove that she didn’t have the disease. If a women did have the disease she would be imprisoned in a lock hospital for up to 9 months and treated with experimental treatments including mercury. Josephine was at the forefront of the campaign to get the acts which forced women to undergo these examinations repealed. She was from a class of women who were supposed to be sexually ignorant, and therefore she faced violence and hatred for her opinions and for speaking out publically. The acts were finally repealed in 1886.

Josephine shone a light on the trafficking of young women and girls into Europe during her campaigning, and worked latterly to fight for a repeal of the Contagious Disease Acts in India.

Postcards from Eyemouth

We were contacted by Leeds based musician Jacob Thompson-Bell about a new and exciting project he was working on with Nick Katuszonek. Based in the harbour town of Eyemouth, the project aimed to collect sounds, photographs, stories and objects which were special to residents and connected to the town.

Once these had been collected they were taken to Leeds College of Music, where a talented group of young musicians interpreted them through music. The resulting score was then debuted to an audience at the Eyemouth Hippodrome.

It was this event which the film is based around. The finished video gave the audience an insight into the preperation and development of the scores as well as a look at the finished performance. It also gave them an opportunity to hear first hand from the students about what they had got out of being involved with the project. The final film was just over 13 minutes long, and has created part of the lasting legacy to the project.

To The Border Bred

Shadowcat Films’ feature length documentary ’To the Border Bred’ (buy) explores the bond Shepherds have with their working dogs. The film is set in the beautiful scenery of the Scottish Borders and Northumberland, where the Border Collie originated. It explores the story of these dogs through the words of the people who work with them every day and know them best.

Featuring many local voices from the Scottish Borders and Northumberland, it showcases the many aspects of the lives of a Border Collie including a newborn litter of puppies, the first time that a puppy is taken to sheep and the ongoing training of a working Border Collie. The film tells the story of the heroic ‘Sheila the Sheepdog’ and her involvement in the rescue of American Airmen from the Cheviot in 1944. It also includes the Border Collie Rescue UK, as well as SARDA the Search and rescue dog association.

'To the Border Bred' is a diverse and colourful exploration of the breed through the words of those who know them best.

Buy here.

'I have no real interest in dogs or farming but found this a riveting watch from start to finish and felt privileged to have "met" so many great characters and to learn something of their way of life and relationships with their collies. Fascinating, humorous and poignant by turns.'
Jim Herbert
'A beautiful film telling the story of the border collie and the shepherds of the Cheviots. Everyone should watch it, whether a dog lover or not. I can't imagine anyone who wouldn't be entranced by it.'
Slink Jadranko
'I went through the whole Gamut of emotions in that hour..inspiring, awesome film... stunning. Adam Telfer would have been very proud.'
Simon Falla
Oh my goodness! I have just watched "To The Border Bred" and I am utterly exhausted! I have cried buckets! So many familiar faces and places! This is such an emotional roller coaster - thank goodness I am far away in Norfolk and wasn't able to attend the screening in Berwick because I would have made an absolute fool of myself! This piece of filming is phenomenal! Beautiful scenery and brilliant characters (canine and human) A stunning piece of work, well done! Now going for a lie down...
June Adams

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